Should you rent a stroller?

Is using a stroller at Walt Disney World a must?  Here are a few tips from us regarding using a stroller while traveling to Walt Disney World!

First you need to ask yourself a few questions:

Will having a stroller be a hassle? Will our kids get too tired of walking? Every child is different. A vacation to Walt Disney World will involve a lot of walking and will likely even tire you out at some point but especially for younger children or even those who don’t normally use a stroller. Some parents choose to bring their own stroller so their child can rest when needed. Some strollers are intended to be more like a shopping cart by the end of the day.  Either way, for those choosing to use a stroller while on vacation to Walt Disney World, here are some tips from our travel planners.  

~ Know the stroller size.

Walt Disney World has a strict stroller policy regarding the size of your stroller. All strollers at Walt Disney World must be no larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long. While many strollers meet these guidelines, some do not.

~ Wagons

Traditional pull wagons are not permitted. In 2019 Walt Disney World banned the stroller wagons. We’ve seen families with wagons turned away at security. Do not waste your park time by having to take it back to your car or hotel room.

~ Renting a stroller at Walt Disney World.

If you do decide to rent a stroller, pre-paying for the duration of your vacation will save you money. You have the option of renting from Walt Disney World, a featured stroller rental provider or a third party provider with airport pick up.

When renting from Walt Disney World the stroller rental locations can typically be found near the entrance of each park. Stroller rentals are only available at the four main theme parks and Disney Springs, not at the resorts or water parks. You are not permitted to remove the strollers from the parks, so if you’re park hopping, you will need to rent and return the stroller at each park. Your rental is good for the entire day so if switching parks just present your receipt to obtain another stroller at the next park. 

If using the preferred Walt Disney World provider ScooterBug you will be able to rent the stroller for the entire duration of your stay plus have the stoller dropped off and picked up from bell services at your resort.  Your travel planner can make these arrangements for you.

Or, a third option would be Kingdom Strollers which offers pick up and drop off from the MCO airport.  This too can be for the entire duration of your trip.  Your travel planner can make arrangements for you as well.

We feel the Walt Disney World stroller options at the parks are more suited for older children. If your child is not able to sit upright in a stroller then the one offered in the parks might not be your best option. They are not padded and the child must sit up straight plus the only restraint is a simple lap belt.

~ Identify your stroller

Whether you use a personal stroller or a rental, make sure you become familiar with the stroller. We have seen many guests struggle with trying to collapse a stroller before boarding a bus.  Take a few moments to make sure you know how the brakes work, how to collapse the stroller and how to manage the seat position.  There are hundreds of strollers in the parks each day, it’s imperative to have some type of identifier. We have seen  colored ribbons, signs, lights, or pretty much anything colorful to help distinguish one stroller from the next. 

~ Be prepared for the environment 

Florida is notorious for sudden showers, especially in the afternoons. It’s always a good idea to be prepared with a water-repellant cover made for your stroller.  

Another thing to keep in mind, food inevitably accumulates in a stroller. Unfinished snacks crumble in the seat.  Make sure to tightly close any open food because the squirrels and/or birds can be pretty bold in the parks. You could return to a stroller full of critters having some Mickey snacks of their own thanks to your child’s leftovers. 

~ Don’t panic if you can’t find your stroller

Cast Members will move the strollers in order to keep an area clear and organized.  We promise they are not trying to play a trick on you.  If a stroller is left at an area in which it doesn’t belong a cast member will move it to the designated stroller parking area. There are signs to identify stroller parking areas. 

These are just a few tips from us regarding using a stroller while on vacation at Walt Disney World.  If you wish to rent a stroller from the preferred provider ScooterBug please email your travel planner who will make the arrangements for you.  Or, if you wish to use the third party provider Kingdom Strollers that offers MCO airport drop off and pick up you can find more information here or you can contact your travel planner who would be happy to make the arrangements for you.