Have you seen the Disney Wish?

Here is a look at Disney Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship called the Wish.  Thanks to Serena from Living by Disney I had an opportunity to be her guest on the Christening sailing .  This sailing gave us the chance to tour this stunning new ship, some amazing suites, dine in three themed restaurants, and dance our time away at both the sail away party held by Captain Minnie and the fireworks at sea show featuring a live band. I definitely needed more than 3 days to capture everything this ship had to offer so no surprise here I already booked another cruise!  But, for now here are a few details I wanted to share from the Christening Sailing.

The Disney Wish offers several different stateroom categories.  You have Inside, Oceanview, Verandah, and Concierge staterooms.  Amenities and bedding in each one will vary.  Each deck offers two Princess themes.  If you have two rooms with a connecting door then you will have one of each Princess!  We had Frozen décor while our neighbors had Cinderella.  Same layout, just different décor. 

Here are the theming details: 

🐠Ariel and Moana – deck 10,11

🐸Aurora and Tiana – deck 8, 9

⛄️Cinderella and Frozen – deck 7, 6,2

☀️Concierge – Rapunzel

Some staterooms will sleep up to five as shown here.

We had three adults in this stateroom with plenty of space as well as storage. Disney Cruise Line truly thinks of a family when designing the layout of the staterooms in order to maximize the space needed.   

Next up are a few details regarding the Oceaneer Club and Lab for children

ages 3 – 12   

Can I be 12 again!  That was my first reaction when I toured the unique areas set up within the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab. 

🪄Fairytale Hall

Each area offers fun activities for the children.  Did I mention there is a slide that takes the kids from deck 3 to deck 2? Yes, they can slide right into their fun new adventure! 

The clubs are included with your cruise fare.  Kids can create their own adventures while the parents go to the spa, attend a mixology, or just relax by the pool. 

Ps I still think they need a happy hour event here for the adults! 🫣

🛡Marvel Super Hero Academy
✨Star Wars: Cargo Bay
🎨Walt Disney Imagineering Lab
⚓Mickey & Minnie’s Captain’s Deck

The three rotational dining restaurants on the Disney Wish are called Worlds of MARVEL, Arendelle: A “Frozen” dining Adventure, and 1923.

Disney Cruise Line offers rotational dining which means each night you and your wait staff will visit a different dining location.  It is a fun way to experience several different options for both the restaurant and the food. 

Worlds of MARVEL –
In my opinion this immersive dining experience is a great addition to Disney Cruise Line.  From the amazing detailed decor to the fun interactive show this will appeal to fans of all ages.  For all the Marvel Fans out there YOU need to book a cruise just to experience this fun meal. 
Arendelle: A “Frozen” Dining Adventure –
This is a Norwegian-inspired dinner.  The restaurant will magically transport you to a celebration held in the Kingdom of Arendelle.

This was my favorite dining location out of the three.  The decor details, the food, and the entertainment far exceeded my expectations.  If your child is a Frozen fan then you need to book this cruise today!  I promise it will be one of the many highlights of your cruise.  I had no idea I was such an Oaken fan until this cruise – Hoo-hoo!


Finally, the third rotational option would be 1923.  There are two sides to this restaurant, Walt and Roy.  This restaurant features storyboards, sketches, and props that celebrate the animation process.  The name is after the year the Walt Disney Studios was founded – 1923.  The room reminds me of a dining car on a train.  Out of the three locations this would have been my least favorite.  I love the decor and the location but my food was just average.

Do you need a quick bite for lunch, dinner or anytime in between?  Check out the Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods located on the upper decks of the Disney Wish. 

There are a variety of offerings to include 

🍗Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue, 

🌮Donald’s Cantina, 

🍕Daisy’s Pizza Pies, 

🍔Goofy’s Grill, and 

🍦Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream.

The decor was inspired by “Mickey Mouse” animated shorts. What are you looking forward to trying?  I loved the BBQ…..yum! 

Another dining option on the Disney Wish is to skip the rotational Main Dining restaurant and replace it with a premium dining experience at Palo Steakhouse or Enchanté.  This is not included in your cruise fare so there will be an additional charge for either restaurant.

Enchante’ by Chef Arnaud Lallement

☕️Brunch.- Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement Brunch 75 min

🍰Dessert. Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement Dessert Experience Themed

🍽 Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement Dinner – 90 min

Palo Steakhouse

🍽 Dinner: Palo Steakhouse Dinner 90 min

🍷Wine Pairing with Dinner

🥞 Brunch Palo Steakhouse  90 min

👩‍💻Reservations are required to dine at Enchanté and Palo Steakhouse.  If you dine on day one then you can make up to 2 reservations in advance.   Dress code is required at either location 👖 I love the rotational dining so I have a hard time skipping one.  Brunch is always a great option for me. 🍳

Now for the spa!!  If you have experienced the Rainforest Room located in the Senses Spa with Disney Cruise line then this next feature is nothing new however they did add a few extra features!

The Rainforest Room offers a steam room, saunas, various themed showers, and heated stone loungers however Disney Cruise Line enhanced this experience on the Disney Wish by adding an outdoor space and a frigidarium (or ice room as I call it 🥶). 

Cost on the Wish will be:

$79 for a day pass

$166 for a 3 day pass

$190 for length of the cruise

I just love this area on the new Disney Wish and plan to book this on my next cruise. 


The perfect view of the new Disney Wish is from one of the amazing beaches on Castaway Cay!

This view point offers you a great opportunity to see that fun Aft!  Rapunzel is always a great addition to any decor.

Remember a Disney Cruise is not always about the children and their fun.  Aboard the Disney Wish, you will discover a few fun adult-friendly lounges across the ship with unique Disney touches that we all love. 

The Rose – located just outside of the adult dining locations. Great spot to grab a cocktail before dinner – views are stunning from here!
The Bayou – This is a prefect spot for listening to live music while eating some Beignets.
Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge – I would mix this between Oga’s in the parks or the Sublight lounge on the Halcyon. All three are amazing!
Keg & Compass – great relaxing spot to have a cold beer!
Nightingale’s – all about the bubbles. Such unique and yummy cocktails here plus you are right off the Grand Hall which is a great location.

Hyperspace Lounge was fun but Nightingale’s made some pretty amazing cocktails.

Well I hope this provides you a few fun facts about the newest ship offered with Disney Cruise Line.  To learn more you should experience this stunning ship for yourself. Remember when you are ready to take your next cruise contact us, we would love to help!