Do you have a favorite cavalcade?

This is one change to 2020 that I hope will never go away!  Have you seen one of the fun new cavalcades while in the park?  Until 2020 I don’t believe I ever used the word “cavalcade.”  Since June it has become a frequent word that is used most days….who would have thought? 


According to the dictionary cavalcade means “a formal procession of people walking, on horseback, or riding in vehicles.”  It might seem like a parade but it really is not.  The processions are short but still magical.  I love the interaction with the characters and I love how spontaneous they are at each park.  

Once you hear that music play just pause for a moment you might see your favorite character come around the corner, across the river, down Main Street, or around the “World” showcase.  So fun!

I love how they change with the season as well.  What started off to be just fun normal experiences turned into a “Boo to You” and now a “Happy Holiday” celebration.  The changes in the costumes and actual characters makes you want to return to the parks just to see what is new! 

What I love most is that there is no need to “camp” out for that perfect spot.  Plus it reduces that pushing that could occur in order to get up close to see a parade.  This experience is so spontaneous and requires no need for you to wait an hour plus just so you have that best seat.

The Magic is here….go capture some!  

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