Holiday Cookie Stroll

If you plan to visit Epcot during the Festival of the Holidays this year here is a fun way to sweeten your holiday season.

Just purchase any five cookies form the Holiday Cookie Stroll locations.

~ Bavaria Holiday Kitchen

~ American Holiday Table – Chocolate Crinkle Cookie

~ L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen

~ Festival Favorites – Gingerbread Cookie

~ Yukon Holiday Kitchen

Pick up a Festival Passport from either entrance to the park then purchase your cookie and receive a matching stamp in your passport. Once you collect five stamps you can take your passport to Holiday Sweets and Treats at the Showcase Plaza to receive our complimentary Minnie Peppermint Cookie. Cookies are $2.50 each and you don’t need one from each location just five cookies in total. That way if you like one more than another no worries buy two!

My favorite was the Black and White Cookie from the L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen. This cookie is also Vegan which was a plus!